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Life Living Alphabet

A - Avoid Negative Sources, Thoughts, People.
B - Believe in Yourself.
C - Consider things from all angles.
D - Don't Give up or Give In.
E - Enjoy Life Today. Tomorrow may not come.
F - Family and Friends are Hidden Treasures. Gift of God to you.
G - Give more than you Planned to Give.
H - Hang on to your Dreams.
I - Ignore those who Discourage you.
J - Just Do it!
K - Keep doing no matter how hard it seems! It will become easier.
L - Love yourself First and Most.
M – Make it Happen.
N - Never Lie, Cheat or Steal. Always strike a fair deal.
O – Own up your Mistakes. That is the least you can do.
P – Practice makes you Perfect.
Q – Quitters Never Win and Winners never Quit.
R – Read, Study and Learn everything Important in your Life.
S – Stop Procrastinating.
T – Take Control of your Destiny.
U – Understand yourself better to understand others.
V - Visualize It!
W - Want it more than anything.
X – Xcellerate your efforts.
Y – You are Unique of God’s Creation. Nothing can Replace you.
Z – Zero in your target and Go for it.


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always thik positive then ur life be alaways happy

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