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Freedom :: Happy Independence Day

Freedom can't be taken or given to anyone. Freedom can only be handed over. If the people are not aware of their rights and the responsibilities, in no time the freedom will hinder upon us and the country will be in foreign hands again. It is vital that everyone dwell upon the responsibilities more effectively and efficiently so that each one is known of their respective freedom rights and act accordingly.


A true freedom means so much for the common people that they can speak, act and express themselves however they want but not with the interference in others life. In doing so, people tend to behave like a ruler to others.

A ruler is never a person who takes care of his or her loved ones. They always care of themselves by making others obey them. There is no place for such kind of people in today’s world as we are moving fast to "no time for anything" mode. All should possess an equal amount of action and expression so to act to their happiness.

Happy Independence Day

Many have given their valuable lives to make us live in a slave less world, not to become a slave again but to flourish and develop the world in a better place to live in. So people should know the value of independence and without any delay, they should contribute to the world in every way one can by doing their best duties and showing a caring nature to others.

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